I feel like I already pinned this but I love our story that hasn't endedbecause you haven't asked me out. Anyways met the idiot because my best friend used to like him and we were forced to sit next to each other in 6th hour and now we are friends >> I regret it bitterly. I shouldn't have let you break my heart.

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Cute Crush Quotes For Him

Here are some cute crush quotes for him, to help you remember those times or make you smile in case you are experiencing a crush in these moments.


Never be embarrassed if he catches you looking at him. As this quote points out, he was looking back. The next time this happens don’t look away instantly. How about flashing him a smile? Give him a simple clue to let him know you’re interested.

I sure do! I catch you looking at me often, and you always put a smile on my face. Joseph W Shields. Always n& Forever.

I love when u stare at me when I look over at you. And just stare right into my eyes and smile. It makes me melt and my heart just feels complete

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Or because I don't have his number and if I ask my friend for it and then text him I'll just seem like a creeper. And it might be true that i do feel like im annoying him

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Best Famous and Cute crush quotes Just like your first day at school, your first crush is also pretty crazy. So to make things better for you here are some coolest and most cutest crush sayings, ho…

SOOOO TRUE!!!Like i can talk for days abt him but wen he comes...idk wat hapns

SO DAMN TRUE.when u r not with me ru cant even stop imagining stuff talking to u but whenever u come im like, what should i say.

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