Super cute anime boy

A, likes galaxy stuff, dogs and breaking rules. his girlfriend is Ava.

所属タレント | ツキノ芸能プロダクション -ツキノプロ-

所属タレント | ツキノ芸能プロダクション -ツキノプロ-

ニコニコ動画に投稿している、歌い手の天月さんのイラストです。 アカツキアライヴァルという曲のイラストだそうです。 ちなみに画像の左が天月さん、右が 少年Tさんだ ...

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cute anime boys blue rose (<Okay whoever said that obviously doesn't understand this is Garry from Ib)

blue eyes blue rose collarbone flower garry (ib) hair flower hair ornament hair over one eye ib looking away male focus open mouth parted lips purple eyes purple hair rose ruco short hair solo thorn thorns - Image View -

Anime boy

Anime Boy w/ Camera. His eyes are very beautiful and I like the soft muted colors and lines too. <---he likes photography! He's mine, I called him