Can I drive dis time? | photo by @talulahthepug

Baby puggalino i want um so bad! pugs are so precious I can't wait till I can get one one day and call him mr puglington ! They are the sweetest lil buba let me love u

omg yes! that was so Lola before she learned how to climb stairs

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Rocking Pug

Vivid Arts Rocking Pug Puppy Ornament

Another edition to the Vivid Arts family. this super cute puppy on a swing! Highly detailed, realistic looking Pug Puppy by Vivid Arts Suitable for indoor & outdoor use String attached for hanging.

❤️❤️❤️                                                       …

We will have a pug and probably end up naming it a Star Wars name

Out of all my gifts this was my favourite one my new baby pug looks just like this thank you mum and dad xxxxxx

Been wanting a pug for years and this little devil is tempting me so much.