My man reminds me of this guy! So great I'm one lucky girl to have him couldn't imagine my life without him! I ❤️ you Adam! ~SLR

Except all the other teenage girls in my town think being with another girl is "gross" *Sigh*.

1) DUH!  2) I shall become a monkey while on my period. 3) Indeed it does.  4) I will not date you if you insult me. Did that once. Not doing it again.  5) If I am hurting, do not touch me. I am not afraid to shank you.  6) I had to do that in the past.  7) How much exactly?  8) I need to reclaim his hoodie then.  9) I must be freaking adorable!

The ones about guys. :/ Also, if the chocolate contains soy, it REALLY doesn't make me feel better, it makes me feel worse.

Texts aren't needed, won't apologize after every fight (it's okay to be right), clingy is nice (to an extent)

The top says, "I want a boyfriend who:".but lemme just say, that it's so true. Also, I want a boyfriend who won't want me just for YOU KNOW WHAT.