"Lets meet in our dreams" - japanese words. The quote its self it very cute to me

"Lets meet in our dreams" - japanese words. A sweet phrase and something I've actually done numerous times. I love sharing dreams with loved ones.

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Top 25 Useful Korean Phrases Are you a Korean learner? Or are you planning to visit Korea? Well, then these 25 Korean phrases are the ones you MUST learn. They are the most useful and basic phrases.

There are two different types of japanese adjectives. “i-adjectives” and “na-adjectives”. Some examples ^-^

There are two different types of japanese adjectives.i-adjectives”na-adjectives” Some examples ^-^

xD stupid English

xD stupid English < why do we have to be so different and screw everything up? ananas is so much easier to remember. it's bananas without the b.

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Common Korean drama phrases for possessive, mean lovers.(Totally on point for romance k-dramas!

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Sensu and Uchiwa are the two main kinds of hand-held fans in Japan! Asides from keeping you cool in summer, they are also used for ceremonies and decorations. (*^。^*) - Japan Lover Me

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Just a chart I made for learning Katakana. I hope you find it useful ^^ Hiragana chart here > [link] Learn Japanese: Katakana Chart