Maybe now he can mend what he has done to them.  Ur lucky the state takes pitty on u cause I sure as fuck don't

Thanks to you, I hold up the biggest wall and have trust issues. You never forget your first heart break.

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I've moved on! Life is so much grand without you!but I wanted to report to those who may think they are alone.

When people say "daddy issues", it ticks me off to no end. They just don't understand, and they make fun of people for it.

So many of us actually don't have these issues, despite their father being largely absent. It's an insult no matter wear you stand.

If "Daddy Issues" Are Affecting Your Relationships, Read This

If "Daddy Issues" Are Affecting Your Relationships, Read This

Was your father absent in your life? Was he physically present but emotionally unavailable? Was your father abusive toward you (physically, emotionally or sexually)?

That's me to a T! I learned to that some people do deserve this while others do not. For the people that do not deserve this good bye.

You know what your problem is ?You get attached fast.And once you're attached to…

Yerp that's life for ya

Yerp that's life for ya

Nikita Gill

I'm such a strong girl because boy have i been walked on?