Maybe now he can mend what he has done to them.  Ur lucky the state takes pitty on u cause I sure as fuck don't

Thanks to you, I hold up the biggest wall and have trust issues. You never forget your first heart break.

My life exactly. We can thank my daddy issues for this

You know what your problem is ?You get attached fast.And once you're attached to…

Father`s day is 2morrow...well actually 8minutes...I hate my dad. I guess you could say I have `daddy issues` (no that does not mean I will end up a slut and fall for older men, guys like my dad or party and sleep around) it means I will live a life knowing my dad wishes he could kill me, and I hate myself because of (mostly) my `daddy`

I am totally mentally fucked I admit it .and its all your fault. I will be the rest of my pathetic life :,(