Dan howell birthday

Not even behind my back because bitch i will hear you. And I will knock you out so hard your dignity will be lower than Dan's jeans. So I suggest you love him❤️❤️

When I accidentally said I love you at the end of a phone conversation with my ex - meme, accidentally, love, phone, conversation.

(Dan Howell) ''Hello! I'm Dan. I'm a tall, socially awkward YouTuber. I'm also very nerdy. I have a best friend named Phil(anyone wanna do Phan? Anyone?) He is also a youtber. I'm from London as you can tell by the fact that I sound like the queen. Im a bit self conscious and im in the Drama club and Art club. Im currently single and Bisexual.''

Dan Howell: The cute, nerdy guy who is the odd one i have 8 sisters and so people assum thats why i'm gay. Oh well I love making people laugh and having close friends

Dan Howell everybody - one of my favorite moments from the newest PINOF.

Happy birthday to this man-child. He is a great and funny person and I would not be the person I am today if it weren't for him. This big 25 year old I could cry. Love you Dan.

Dan Howell playing piano is my favorite thing ever <3

Dan Howell playing piano is my favorite thing ever << I just realized. he still has the cat sticker on his piano!