"I must say, for a charming, intelligent girl, you certainly surrounded yourself with a remarkable collection of dopes" - (Dana Andrews). from "LAURA"

Dana Andrews - movie actor He was born - he died at age film icon who starred in The Best Years of Our Lives and Laura. He also acted in the classic films The Ox-Bow Incident and A Walk in the Sun.

Dana Andrews was an American film actor. He was one of Hollywood's major stars of the 1940s, and continued acting, though generally in less prestigious roles, into the 1980s. Wikipedia Born: January 1, 1909, Covington County, Mississippi, United States Died: December 17, 1992, Los Alamitos, California, United States Height: 1.78 m Siblings: Steve Forrest Children: Katharine Andrews, Stephen Andrews, David Andrews, Susan Andrews

Date of January Covington County, Mississippi, USA Date of Death: 17 December Los Alamitos, California, USA (pneumonia and congestive heart failure) Birth Name: Carver Dana Andrews Height m)

All time favorite old time actor!! Dana Andrews!

In memory of Dana Andrews - actor - born Covington County, Mississippi - died at 83 years old on - known for The Best Years of our Lives, Laura, The Ox-Bow Incident, Curse of the Demon

Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney & Vincent Price late 1980's

Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney, and Vincent Price in the late The 3 starred together in the 1944 film "Laura.