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Saatchi's latest exhibition 'Body language' combines painting, photography and sculpture in a striking mixed media display meant to explore the human body!

Dana Schutz photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, July 2014

Dana Schutz’s Paintings in New York and Montreal

The New York artist’s wildly colorful, figurative paintings are having a major moment on both sides of the border.

Dana Schutz - Sneeze Painting, painterly painting that is, can be an extravagantly inclusive mix of philosophy, step aerobics and food fight. The wide world wades onto the canvas, from shit to palm fronds, chutney and toe shoes; toddler antics combine with the vast, turbulent prehistory of the race. Such works are lumpy with personality, glazed though they may be with the pale cast of thought.

DANA SCHUTZ Sneeze, 2002 oil on canvas 19 x 18 in.) Signed and dated Dana Schutz 2002 on the reverse.

Dana Schutz - Devourer

Dana Schutz, Devourer, Oil on canvas; Collection of the artist. Courtesy of the artist and Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York. Dana Schutz: If the Face Had Wheels closed Jan.