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24 Painfully Real Struggles Only Dancers Will Relate To - this should definitely make you laugh!

24 Struggles People Who Aren’t Dancers Won’t Understand

this is me i will be doing my hair for gymnastics and my bobby pin will dissapear into thin air.

Dance Printable Hello Dance Studio Decor by DanceTe amPrintables Omg love…

Sad right now cuz I thought I was going to oriechtas, but now I might not

I did this the other day not realizing there was a lady behind me...o.O

I did this the other day not realizing there was a lady behind me.O<<< i was in Target and the main isle was empty.

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Though one time my dance teacher did see me land multiple pirouettes and I was so happy. Just wish it had been recorded lol

Hahaha this is so true every time it happens

Hahaha this is so true every time it happens>>>I was doing pirouettes to waste time at a concert for school, and I landed it perfectly, so I ran to my dance friend and even though he wasn't really excited he thought it was cool.

I might be single but at least my pirouettes aren't. #dancelife #danceprobs

Well there's the bright side. No boyfriend = more time to work on my turns!

It's like your dance teacher has planted a sign especially for you on the way to a comp

Love it! But you have to be an Irish Dancer or an Irish Dance Parent to get this!

Dance humour #DanceRockIt #Humour

How to Hire Long Distance Dance Choreographers


I ♥ Dance moms (I'm not afraid to admit that I have a Dance Moms Obsession) Asia was the it girl! Now Maddie is!

Ok I would never do this to anyone(on purpose), but I can kick OVER your head just to psych you out.

This is so true. Watch out everyone. Cause I'm and I can easily kick someone's face who's I'm a tall cheerleader but I can still kick someone in the face. I gotchu whoever pinned this before me.

The dancer is the ultimate athlete.

Amazing Dance Photography

We should try and make these! @carly k. R @Abby Christine Dell'Aglio @Mikayla Carson Nelson @Christina & Rahimi

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