And at that moment i realized, i didn't want to do a b and e, I just wanted to kick down a door

I love Dane Cook! Thank you JSM, I don't know where my life would be without Dane Cook in it :)

Some of Dane Cook's funniest quotes.

Hilarious Dane Cook Quotes That are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

Good ole Dane Cook! Lol

When you're not super creative and the stupid computer says this bs

Comedy is a very a large part of people's subcultures because we all love the people who can make us laugh. Being entertained is very important to people.

Dane Cook’s revenge

This is one of many skits from Dane Cook. This has got to be one of my favorite comedy skit! Dane Cook is one of my favorite comedians. :) Please Comm.

Dane Cook Troublemaker  #troublemaker #danecook

😂 This was me talking about Lake Placid when it snowed

Dane Cook Cracks Jokes About Aurora Shooting

Dane Cook Cracks Jokes About Aurora Shooting

Hear the clip from his performance last night at the Laugh Factory. Always keepin' it classy, Dane.

My Man Crush! <3 Been in love with Dane since high school! Hey, What's up Dane...? How You Doing...? ;)

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