Daniel Craig is a British actor who is infamously known for his role as James Bond in the latest Bond movies. It was reported in Daily Mail newspaper, October 14, 2005, that Daniel was found sleeping in a park bench in London while he was struggling as an actor. Now after his big success no one could even think that Mr Bond was so helpless that he had to sleep on a park bench.

Daniel Craig Bond Movies (Skyfall, Casino Royale Quantum Of Solace), The Ice House, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo etc

daniel craig (Jus' love this guy...amazing in every movie...can't wait to see the new James Bond...HOT!)

Daniel Craig smoking portrait in black and white. / By Murray / January 2012

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Hot Daniel Craig Photos

The best photos of Daniel Craig, the English actor best known for playing James Bond. Craig, who began his career in theatre, had small roles in big films like Eliz.

I don't care what the haters say - you are an amazing Bond, Mr. Craig!

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Daniel Craig with the Royal Corgis - my favorite part of the Olympics Opening!

RIP Holly, Royal Corgi featured in my favorite part of the Olympics Opening

Kick ass, and look good doing it.

Daniel Craig steps away from the classic Bond black tie and opts for a simple navy suit with striped tie. Love the tie, love the man.