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I'm listening to this on repeat at the moment which really isn't a good idea at 11:30 am because it's too early to be sad.

The Light Behind Your Eyes- My Chemical Romance! I can't stop staring at the picture it's pure awesome

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Don't get to close, its dark inside. Its where my demons hide. Imagine Dragons and Supernatural mixed :)

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You drained me off all my blood and injected me with poison. No love is not what races through my body it's anger hate and hurt so bad it shapes you to be truly evil and soulless. I like this new me down right soulless feels so damn good.

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||Los monstruos son reales, y los fantasmas también. Viven dentro de nosotros. Y a veces, ellos ganan. |Traducción ES: @sukigamer88 || (Beauty Art Drawings)

drawing eyes quotes creepy Sketch monster ghost Stephen King pencil drawing <-- black eyes like demons in Supernatural!