Garret ((open))  I was sitting in the library,  drawing.  I hear a very loud noise and I growl.  Why can't it be quiet for one damn minute?  I stay were I was before I see someone storm in the library.  I could feel their eyes staring at me.  I look up at you.  "May I help you? " I say with a cocky attitude.

Dark drawing

His face was perfect, features sculpted of marble and painted in black and gold. But inside he was a ruination, screaming and cracking and broken. And no one knew. They only saw his face.

"No matter how hard you try... However like a magnificent horse, with you as its rider, you can give it direction, not control it's every move, but choose it's destination." - Marcus Herron #endmigraines #migraine

Its not that easy to just let it go. Really when its destroyed so many months of my life, just let it go. You cant escape your own mind but I can keep mine from you.

this is so cool the light / good one is changing the dark / evil one to good

i-can-hardly-speak: tranquilittea: bath-bubbles:this is so amazing look at how the fingertips are changing this is actually so meaningful You bring light to my world. Gosh I’m crying. This means more to me than I could ever explain.

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Most requested eye tutorial. This time both eyes! Step 1: Lash Lines! Step 2: Circles for the eyes. Step 3: Pupil & twinkle. Step 4: Details! Flick the pencil to draw eyelashes. Color in dark to light

Most requested eye tutorial. Step Lash Lines! Flick the pencil to draw eyelashes. Color in dark to light