Sit, listen to the wind, birds and trees. Allow the beauty and chaos that is nature to enter and propel you through this time we call life. Breath in the smells of an open fire place and a camp fire. Know the difference they have on you and your surroundings. Give with an open heart and mind. Know that there are richer and poorer. But never measure those two thoughts by the amount of money one has. For richness is how you live and give of yourself, not what you have.

A Black Moon is a special time for magic ritual and prayers, and blessings. Because a real black moon is rare. In the post, a black moon has been described as a dark moon-another special time for m…

The Priestess of Hecate by ArtbyLadyViktoria on Etsy

The Priestess of Hecate

Priestess of Hecate by Lady Viktoria. Hecate is known for her connection to the moon and wild places, a goddess of the crossroads who guards the mysteries. I created a natural frame of twigs and thorns to encircle the young priestess, as a

Book of Shadows:  "Charge of the Dark Goddess 2 - page 2," by jezebelwitch, at deviantART.

Charge of the Dark Goddess. I love this charge. A nice simple book of shadows page was all it needed. Charge of the Dark Goddes

Swedish nature, Moon, Sweden,

Swedish nature, Moon, Sweden, - always wondered why so long to realize the world is round - couldn't the ancients just look up at the moon - see the example?

Agree with all EXCEPT the information on #6-8 is incorrect. This waning moon phases should be used for releasing and removal on blocks and negativity, and the "seeding" for the next cycle should be done on the Dark Moon, with the intention beginning with the first crescent.

The moon has 8 main phases. The phase of the moon can affect the strength of your spell and even your personality.