Dark witch

Marmee Noir

graveyarddirt: “randomproxy: “ gloommoon: “ Photos by Amber Joy. Thanks, randomproxy!

pvffskein: Dark witch aesthetics - Hufflepuff

If I had to describe my aesthetic in one phrase, it would probably be "Hufflepuff Gothic"

Sól Geirsdóttir (@thevikingqueen) Instagram

Awesome barbarian hair and make up! It would be cool for my troll costume. Also good for an evil magic user of some sort.

Imagen de charmed, book of shadow, and coven

"You can start fires with your hands," he whined, "You a freakin' superhero…

A trait shared by Veronica and Eleanor. Never test the wrath of the Alagors.

The light hit her blue eyes perfectly as she looked at the victim. Her heart pounded in her rib cage as her hand trembled to feel the knife plunge into the helpless body.

Hauntingly Grim Photoseries : Daniel Vazquez

Hauntingly Grim Photoseries

Daniel Vazquez - Photographer ‘American Ghoul’, also known as Daniel Vazquez, has a knack for capturing the strange and surreal in his photography work .

Way of self; moving through the world unseen in plain sight, becoming the all but not one in-dividual = miss understood as She Walks Through it all ~S-a-bell that chimes in dark forest to find the ones who listen within..

This reminds me of the witch craft believed to be lead by Tituba in the woods. Dark, foreboding and menacing.

Curse you all !!!!

Foot over hill II: journey to the sabbat surrounded by fog in Mons Niger Pic by Heather broomstick by

12 Creative DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas: #6. DARK WITCH MAKEUP

12 Creative DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas: #6. DARK WITCH MAKEUP