Jason David Frank - Green power ranger

Power Rangers star Jason David Frank is inspired by the ultimate fighter Jesus: 'He didn't quit, He didn't give up'



~Jason David  Frank As The Green & White Power  ~Ranger Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie ~

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

Jason David Frank Power Rangers Montage by palmaay

Every ten years or so since Zyuranger there is a new dinosaur themed Super Sentai show. Superheroes + dinosaurs + robots is a winning combo so hurrah to them all. Regardless of which version (Power.

Jason David Frank - my FAVORITE green/white Power Ranger

Jason David Frank - green/white Power Ranger oh my dearest jason why me, those eyes they are hypnotizing

ummmm WOW... Jason David Frank, the green/white/whatever else Power Ranger.... definitely cleans up NICE!

Jason David Frank -will let you record him teaching someone to break a board. Still poses in his Power Ranger costume. Wizard World Chicago 2014

The original reason I loved boys with long hair. I've been waiting for this style to come back for 20 years. And it finally has.

jason david frank aka the original green power ranger (later:Tommy the white ranger, then red. The mother flipping Mexican flag!

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Jason David Frank aka Tommy Oliver aka The Green/White/Red/Black power ranger!

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