WOW!! The ULTIMATE organizational tool for the busy teacher!!!  This binder will keep you sane throughout the busy school year with both handy forms, dividers, and cover pages.  Contents include: standards cover page, pacing guide cover page, grade-book cover page, ELA cover page, math cover page, social studies cover page, science cover page, and much much more!   $

The ULTIMATE organizational tool for the busy teacher! This binder will keep you sane throughout the busy school year with both.

Home Daycare "Owie Report". Use for minor injuries.                                                                                                                                                     More

Free home daycare forms are the easiest way to set up your home daycare. The injury report form is a necessity in daycare.

EMERGENCY CONTACT... For years I fumbled with folders, papers, files, but nothing has ever been simpler! I absolutely love having my emergency contact cards (double sided) with all the emergency information you need on ONE RING! I keep this ring in my emergency bag that goes with us on each trip and/or drill. On this card (found as a freebie below) you have child's name, birthday, address, numbers, pickup, and contacts all in one spot!

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Printable Emergency Contact Form With Both Parents' Information: Keep your emergency contact form up-to-date so you can be reached any time, 24/7.

Reasons to Keep Your Child's Emergency Contact Form Up-to-Date

Use these printable forms to protect your kids, grant consent for emergency medical treatment, coordinate with your ex, and more.

The child profile sheet becomes a physical record of your child as they grow up.  In the tragic event of a missing child, however, the information contained on this form could be a life saver.

Child Profile Card

The child accident report form can be used by any preschool or daycare to document any accidents or injuries that occur with children