Yearly themes list to send out at the beginning of the year.

Yearly themes list for PreK. We'll switch up the holidays for biblical festivals, of course, but a good starting point.

Winter lesson planning just got easier! These winter crafts and activities for three-year-olds are all great additions to your preschool lesson plans, your day at home with your own kids, or your ho

22 Winter Crafts For Three Year Olds (No Time For Flash Cards)

A fantastic resource of things to do in March with your kids - a full month of activity plans and lesson plans for March

Seasonal activity plans for Spring – things to do in March

This is a good graphic that can be used by both teachers and professionals. It outlines the main developmental milestones that children who are typically developing go through so they can screen for red flags.

Teaching Strategies mini-poster Objectives for Development Learning Standard 3 Knowledge of Standards and Assessments. Assess,compare, and contrast the effects fo various teaching strategies on individual student performance relative to content standards)