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Media- computer generated around a photograph of someone's side face/ear area using Photoshop to create the brick wall to create a blunt message.

Deaf Artists in American History

Deaf Artists in American History

Mechanical Ear by Chuck Baird This shows the Deaf Culture's aversion to hearing aids and cochlear implants  (I don't like them either but I am hanging on to my ability to hear because I was not born deaf.  Yet I often feel upset by my glasses and hearing aid, like I am not a complete person because of them)

Deaf Artists in American History

Deaf Culture Art - Chuck Baird

As a deaf person, my eyes are my "ears". How poignant this painting conveys that message!

"America" by Chuck Baird, deaf artist. His work really speaks. I love it

The grade's artist of the week is Chuck Baird! Chuck Baird was a Deaf American Artist! Baird would use ASL (Ameri.