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26 Deep Meaningful Quotes about Life with Images

On the blog today: ✨Confronting the unpleasant feeling that the work I am doing isn't "enough", isn't helping anyone or anything, and how I transformed that negative voice filled with guilt and fear into something positive, learning some really useful things along the way. Link in my bio. A very heartfelt and meaningful post about self-discovery and finding purpose during this time... #handlettering #staypositive #fear #guilt #positivity…

"Our fears reveal what we care about the most." - Hand lettering by Worthwhile Paper (

Silence can be beautiful and meaningful .....and they don't understand this at all

13 Rules for Being Friends With an Introvert

empath vs narcissist

fear the day her heart turns cold, because it didn't happen overnight.

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Beautiful Deep Meaningful Touching Hearts Love Quotes About Relationships And Unique Images

Meaningful quote. Sun and moon quote. Love quote. Death quote. Unknown.

This quote is so beautiful. I know it's not books related but I'm sure it's in a book somewhere. Sun and moon Death quote.