Timi Hayek #fashion #illustration

Eduardo Timi Hayek Fine liner and gouache I like the simple outline defining the figure and the colour to give detail

Fact: Anti-socials, narcissists and sociopaths percieve these traits as weaknesses; flaws in the human condition that only serve to put people at a complete disadvantage in terms of day to day functioning.

What do you stand for? It's important that you do know what you stand for; as if you stand for nothing? You'll fall for anything.

I really love this, because it's so true. Sorry J.K. but I do sort of agree that the Slytherins deserved a little more appreciation. <<Slytherin and Proud

I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I have never thought of Slytherin like that. I am a Ravenclaw and I dreaded being a Slytherin but now, I would love to be.

You define who you are not the world, your uniqueness is you. Rock it.

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Inter-sectional Feminism and Taylor Swift

Inter-sectional Feminism and Taylor Swift

Andy Warhol - The bright colours stand out very well, and easily catches your eye. The picture is plain and simple, but works really well. The abstract colours pop out and defines Warhol as an artist.