When you lose a loved on, many family and friends may step in to help support you through this time of grief. This is something that you should embrace to help you make it through this difficult time. Expressing your feelings by writing them down or joining a support group can assist you throughout the

25 Examples of Funeral Thank You Messages

The depression stage of grief is deep, raw, and might last longer than most people think it will. Turn to this infographic from a cremation center in St. Louis to learn more about the different stages of grief after loss.

You can definitely skip some of the steps because when my mom died I went from shock to guilt straight to acceptance, but my sister got stuck in depression for a while so yeah, feel free to switch them around or skip some.

Another way of conceptualizing the journey of grief into living with loss. Infertility is grief month after month. A vicious cycle. Stages of Grief

In 2012, following a horrible recovery from my 2011 round of surgery to remove NETs, I was given the news that another batch of NETs had popped up in my CT Scan. No problem, I've walked that road before. But, in 2013, I received news that surgery would not be an option in the future. That hit me really hard. And I really understood the stages of grief. I learned it can loop back for several cycles before you return to meaningful life. ~ t

Loss and Grief

Stages of grief, its not just a death that causes grief. Divorce, adultery, and dramatic change or loss Grieving quotes image by neuralnetwriter on Photobucket

So true after 8 years..I think how does it still hurt so as? How does my heart feel like it's exploding? How come I feel like I can't breath all over again??

pinner says_Grief. This is SO true. My dad has been gone for almost 13 years and I am finally at a point I can understand this. I will never say I am grateful for his death, but it definitely gave me something that very few others have.


Mother Grieving Loss of Child - Grieve is To Endure.

Months of off and on sleep.   Endless long nights of worry and stress.  Just want some answers but I know in God's time, It will all work out.  In His time and His way but in the mean time, He will provide the strength that I need to get us through it ALL!!!!!

Story of my life. I wish I could let people know how I actually feel, instead of faking it all the time. Think people underestimate IC & Fibro and how it makes me feel on daily basis

Grief Definition 1: Grief is a highly individual, nonlinear process. Click to learn more about this definition of grief.

Finally! A Grief Definition That Makes Sense

Grief Definition 1: Grief is a highly individual, nonlinear process. Click to learn more about this definition of grief.

The weight of grief.  This amazing artist (Celeste Roberge) found a way to convey the physical feeling of grief. This is definitely how I'm feeling today. ~❤~ Jennifer Jane Metcalfe 11/6/85 - 2/8/10 Forever Loved, Forever Missed ~❤~

Amazing artist Celeste Roberge made this amazing sculpture correctly portraying grief.