Wendigo by BunnyStygian.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Just a sketch turned into a simple drawing. It's just my obsession with drawing skeletal things. Referenced from: Wendigo Sketches (thanks to the person.

Realistic Scary Demon Drawings - Bing images

grim reaper pictures Grim Reaper Drawing by Anthony McCracken - Grim Reaper Fine Art Prints .


Creep cool shadow character light gets brighter in the eyes as the character morphs- creating drama and intrigue

Taking Flight: A Beginner’s Guide Into Drawing Wings - Envato Tuts+ Design & Illustration Article

Drawing dragons/scales is really calming for some reason. Don't usually do wings because they end up looking like weird limbs

\o/ Commissions complete so far: 1st one is... - Noa Ikeda

Blue dragon wyrm with a tactical mind, natural leadership, a bit of lightning, and aptitude with every weapon she's ever set eyes on.