Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Really want them to do a season of pre-sam and dean so we can see this awesome man in action ... soooo sexy!!!

Top 10 sexiest 40+ male celebs - part 2

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an American actor. He is best known for portraying Denny Duquette in the medical drama Grey's Anatomy for parts of three seasons John Winchester on Supernatural, The Comedian in the 2009 super

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan - just plain gorgeous! My day was not so great, starting to get better. this is the ultimate definition of eye candy.

Denny Duquette, Grey's Anatomy

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy. For more, please visit my Jeffrey Dean Morgan page.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, April 22, 1966, Grey's Anatomy, The Good Wife, Supernatural and now NEGAN!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (born April is an American actor, best known to television and movie audiences as Denny Duquette in the 2005 medical drama Grey's Anatomy

Afternoon eye candy: Jeffrey Dean Morgan (30 photos)

Farewell letter from

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - So handsome ! Stopped watching greys anatomy after his character died. Wish he would have had a bigger part in Supernatural also !

"... You're who I want to wake up with, and go to bed with, and do everything in between with."  Denny Duquette

Denny Duquette :( One of my favorite Grey's Anatomy side characters

((sigh)) THAT SMILE! Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a beautiful man.

((sigh)) THAT SMILE! Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a beautiful man. I want him and/or Getard Butler.

Jeffery Dean Morgan -   Denny on Grey's

Your smile makes me melt (32 photos)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Just found out Hilarie Burton had his first born :( Nooooo! Glass shattered.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Photos - Los Angeles Premiere of "Watchmen". Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, CA.

Name Paul Fedora. "Why do you work for him then if you think he's so horrible?" asked Michelle doubtfully. "Somebody has to protect the sheep from the wolf," chuckled Paul. "Farmer you gotta a call in the office." "Ice your hand. I'll be right back." Michelle laughed to herself that's why they call him farmer.

He'll always be Denny from Greys. Jeffery Dean Morgan - he's got that sexy manly man thing going on.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan-Denny goodness!

and dropped off a beautiful little gift to actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan - The best Jeffrey Dean Morgan Images, Pictures, Photos, Icons and Wallpapers on RavePad!