Designer Chandelier Australia Pty Ltd - Contemporary Wave LED Chandelier - W:80cm H:260cm , $2,499.00 (

Contemporary Wave LED Chandelier - W:80cm H:260cm

Leather sofa, chunky wood coffee table,  oriental rug, large chandelier and oversized art work, a well designed living room.

Westminster Feather sofa by Timothy Oulton - Leather and feather adopt the best of both worlds in this ‘king of comfort’ combination. We’ve taken all the classic charisma of our Chesterfield-inspired Westminster sofa and injected it with pure, unadultera

Copper against grey. Almost pink. Forest and Co Copper Angled Table Lamp

10 best table lamps

I've just found Copper Angled Table Lamp. A fantastic copper angled table lamp.

Boatswain Lighting, porcelain lighting, fine lighting design | Chandelier - May Ball

This stunning contemporary chandelier is composed of beautiful translucent porcelain birds, bees and dragonflies each embossed with a detailed linen texture.

Amazing navy and mustard yellow to make this stylish bedroom!

Building A Dream House: Navy Bedrooms

classical-dark-bedroom-style classical-dark-bedroom-style

How to Bring Inspiration Into Your Dreams With Dark Bedroom

Love this almost French country linen and raw wood with charcoal and chandeliers! 6 Dark Bedrooms Designs To Inspire Sweet Dreams