Pavneet Sembhi est une dessinatrice londonienne qui réalise des dessins ultra-détaillés à l'encre noire.

This Artist Takes Doodling To New Heights With His Extremely Detailed Sketches

Voici une série de dessins tristes par Gypsie Raleigh, artiste/auteur/poète/dramaturge de Portland, qui peuvent faire réfléchir.

Awesome Sketches Of Cartoon Characters by michael paulus - how to draw

15 dessins tristes par Gypsie Raleigh qui peuvent faire réfléchir -

15 dessins tristes par Gypsie Raleigh qui peuvent faire réfléchir -

15個「只有內心有黑暗的人」才看得懂的「半黑暗系」愛情插畫作品!% 照片

15 Dark Comics About Love And Death By Gypsie Raleigh (Bored Panda)


There's nothing in this world more amazing. But as these "gleefully dark and whimsical" comics remind us, there's also nothing more painful.

Este dibujo me identifica en mis días más tristes , lo haré pronto jeje

💜Add round brown glasses and a few freckles below my eyes and this is basically me💜

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Resultado de imagen para anime tumblr black and white sad

this picture is so simple but yet has so much meaning to it. to me it symbolizes how depression is always hanging around (the cuff around her ankle). you feel alone (empty room around her). self harm (the bandage around her arm).

Gong Yi Ten Pai!

Creating reality Alexandria Lomuntad is a Seattle based artist who likes to experiment different mediums. She created amazing mango style drawings with mechanical pencil or digital means. Dwelling Blooming Crying A sea of koi Choices… Continue Reading →

#Citations #vie #amour #couple #amitié #bonheur #paix #Prenezsoindevous sur:

#Citations #vie #amour #couple #amitié #bonheur #paix #Prenezsoindevous sur: