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Welderup Rat Rod The body was taken from 1928 Dodge and was chopped and channeled onto handmade frame which is strong enough to carry the engine from 1998 Dodge truck -- Cummins 12 valve diesel

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Check out rat rod heaven as we look at Steve Darnell's wild diesel creations. See a custom 1932 pickup, a 1947 Diamond T truck, Model A Sedan that put the cool into custom diesel rigs!

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Just random stuff I find amusing and Jeeps. Most of the contents have been regurgitated.

welderup rat rod | Copyright © 2013 Welderup, LLC. All rights reserved.

welderup rat rod | Copyright © 2013 Welderup, LLC. All rights reserved.

The-Plume! I love this picture!! Diesels really ARE green!

This Dodge Sedan diesel rat rod won a CAR & Driver award with knocks your socks ingenuity & style. This is the best of "Rat Style" in a Rat Rod Diesel.

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Cummins Diesel Powered Rat Rod, with Mascot at Lonestar Round Up