Volkswagen pop-up Christmas Cards. A very cool direct marketing idea! Vlt auch mit nem Volkbank Logo oder SPK möglich. Finde ich ja mal saucool

Don't Click ➤ 16 Creative CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray Disc Design DIY Volkswagen Christmas Card for your friends with VW Cars. Yes, isn't this creative? The logo

Jeep: Carabiner | Direct marketing #advertising | Leo Barnett, Russia >

Jeep Carabiner Direct Marketing Campaign by Leo Burnett Moscow. Leo Burnett created Jeep-shaped alpinist carabiners for climbers and hikers stores.

Ten Years of Award Winning Direct Mail | D&AD

Have a look at the very best, award winning direct mail marketing ad campaigns from the past 10 years.

Direct mail- unsolicited advertising sent to a prospective customer through the mail. Known as direct marketing, highly focused, printed or electronic, newsletters, catalogs coupons, samplers, circulars, invitations, post cards, brochures, price lists, letters, etc.

Direct mail -- unsolicited advertising sent to a prospective customer through the mail. Known as direct marketing, highly focused, printed or sample.

Unique Direct Mail Packaging & Print Project - Cardmasters

Unique Direct Mail Packaging & Print Project by Cardmasters I enjoy this design because it is an interactive piece, with a clever spot for the event they are promoting.

Prospera Credit union peanut butter and jam direct mail

Prospera Credit Union's PB and J direct mail. A cute Canadian example of a creative direct marketing campaign.

Something as simple as a Direct Mail that brings alive the idea and the sales message and gets the consumer to WANT to come and see you/buy. #Creative #Marketing #Advertising

Now this is good advertising…

IKEA Direct Mail - pop up style. Great direct mail item that is a form of novelty advertising which will surely resonate and be effective at keeping and retaining the receivers' attention.

Consumer Assistance: Links to help reduce unwanted mail, email & phone calls from solicitors.

Get off telephone, mailing and e-mail lists. The consumer assistance and information site of the Direct Marketing Association.    Direct Marketing,Australian Direct Marketing,Direct Marketing Australia,Direct Email Marketing Australia,Direct Marketing Tips,Direct Marketing Sydney,Direct Marketing Melbourne,Direct Marketing Companies Australia    You are probably in business for yourself for a reason. You don’t like being told what to do, and you want to be in control.

Direct marketing services companies can offer you and your company five major services. They are concept development, mailing list services, letter shop services (this service prepares and sorts your mail pieces), printing, and full direct mail servi