all these romantic things they are all saying.......and then theres shang like really shang fight good LOL love all of these movies tho <3

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From classics like Winnie the Pooh to Pixar’s The Incredibles, Disney films are packed with some of the most heartwarming, funny, and romantic quotes around. Sit back, relax, and enjoy perusing the magic that is Disney. Click for the best Disney quotes.

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Disney movies are packed with some of the most heartwarming, funny, and romantic quotes around. We've rounded up a few of our favorite Disney movie quotes!

Disney sass

Favorite movie line.

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Never see her face, but Frozones wife is definitely one of the best characters Pixar has ever made. My favorite scene in The Incredibles!

When Disney's Frozen and Mulan collide - LOL!

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Humorous meme describing how it feels waking up via Disney characters  30 of the funniest memes we've posted the past week.

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Lol. Or an ending like mulan, where she saves China

In my case, I want a happy ending. I've toured a few castles and I find them to be dark, damp, and creepy. Living in a castle would definitely not make me happy.>>well I like castles. Eugene and I will live in a castle.

Absolutely love Lilo & Stitch - All about FAMILY

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Funny pictures about South America. Oh, and cool pics about South America. Also, South America photos.

HAHAH SO TRUE! "10 Hilarious Lion King Jokes only True Disney Fans will Understand"

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