Take this quiz to determine if you have had major life changes because you watched Disney movies as a child.

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How well do you really remember your Disney classics?

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Disney parents help their kids grow in a variety of ways; what's your primary Disney style of parenting?

Disney Weddings Contest: Immortal Love by Wickfield.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt - Hercules and Megara from "Hercules"

Alrite beastie luv thanks 4 finally picking me up and carrying me like a princess. Rosa Immortal Love by Wickfield - Meg and Hercules - Hercules

Poor Hades << I sympathize with Hades no matter what fandom he's in. He got stuck with the short stick with no choice otherwise.

Poor Hades.

How good is your romantic Disney knowledge?

Can You Match The Best Disney Love Quotes To The Movie?

This Valentine's Day, snag a date with one of the hottest Disney princes! But which one will take you out on the most romantic holiday of the year?

Day 5: My favorite Disney hero is Hercules. Hercules (character) - Disney Wiki - Wikia

Hercules (character)

Hercules is one of the famous heroes in Greek mythology. Unlike his cheerful Disney counterpart, Hera makes Hercules go mad and murder Megara and his children. He completes twelve labors as penance.

Hercules #disney #hercules

(Picture of Hercules from the 1997 animated movie of the same name) A picture of Hercules and Meg in the movie. Deianeira is not in the movie as Hercules does not get poisoned by the cloak in the movie