Divergent funny

Four (from Divergent) is right! He wouldn't give up his cake for the world. And he can throw knives! FOUR AND HIS CAKE

TFiOS/Divergent --- haha THANK you. Someone finally said it.

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TFiOS/Divergent --- haha THANK you. Someone finally said it. Lol I personally don't like tfios but I agree with this

Divergent funny <-------that's not funny! I cried in the middle of a restaurant reading allegiant D: but it was so good

I love pitch perfect and the divergent series so lol. You will only get it if you've seen pitch perfect and read allegiant

Allegiant (Divergent) funny

Allegiant (Divergent) funny

back to school knives, only at dauntless

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It's a Hunger Games reference. District Two produces all the police and career tributes. So their school consists of learning to kill people. Jokes are a lot less funny once they're explained.

I wanted to see Tobias injected with it too!! XD haha I love it when he's like, WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU?!

I would love to see Tobias under peace serum. I can't even imagine that no matter how hard I try.


hahaha so true. one of the rare times that I liked something that wasn't in the book. Boom go Four/ Tobias(I like Tobias more )