DONE ~ used this idea with Boo and it helped her see where she was working and why the numbers go where they do. ~ Long division visual

Great poster for long division! Would be great in math notebooks. Long division as a transition to polynomial long division.

Short Division Poster

Learn about Short Division with this well designed and compelling poster. The large size of the poster allows it to be clear to read from a distance, making it perfect for all learning environments.

Strategy for teaching division along with more helpful tips for teachers!

Division math skill: I like this because it's more of a hands on activity. Using physical objects and taking away will help students visualize better.

Divisibility Rules: These divisibility rules printable posters will be perfect for your math classroom. You will receive 4 color versions of this poster to match your classroom decor!

Divisibility Rules Posters, Division Anchor Charts for 4th Grade Math Centers

Theses rules are one way to learn numbers in division, colour coding tables is another way to break down complicated tasks into smaller sections and make them relevant.

Tricks to learn Division Vocabulary and a FREEBIE! Learn some really great tricks to help your students know the difference between Quotient, Divisor, and Dividend!

Tips to Help Your Students Learn Division Vocabulary

This is a wonderful idea. I would have thought of making a house with the division equation. This visual describes the division vocabulary is and gives examples on how to solve it.