Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes - Quick Ideas for Adults, Kids and Teens - Mary Poppins Costume Tutorial

36 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

How to make Lauren Conrad's DIY Deer Costume This Halloween |

Hocus Pocus: My Halloween Party Animals Costume

Solar System Halloween Costume DIY

DIY Solar System Costume

Why not combine fun & learning with this fun tutorial for how to make a Solar System Costume. If you can sew a button you can be the solar system.

Pin for Later: 105 DIY Costumes For Women You'll Be OBSESSED With Lifeguard

105 DIY Costumes For Women You'll Be OBSESSED With

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Pin for Later: 105 DIY Costumes For Women You'll Be OBSESSED With Lifeguard

Have a costume idea, but don't know how to drive it home? Add a wind up key and call yourself a doll. Bonus points if you "shut down" every so often until someone rewinds you

How to Create a Wind Up Key for a Costume

Doll up for Halloween this year with a simple DIY add on to a cute baby doll dress and voila! This wind-up key costume is so easy to make! All you need is some cardboard, paper towel tube and metallic paint.

Search for “DIY costumes” on Pinterest, and a lot of unique ideas will come up – but so will a lot of repeated ideas. One of the most popular costumes online seems to be a deer, which I have figured out because I literally can’t search for Halloween costumes on Pinterest without seeing at least one image of a girl in deer makeup. This isn’t an issue, exactly, because deer makeup is adorable and pretty and fairly easy to do on your own.

22 Adorable Ideas For A DIY Deer Costume This Halloween

Deer Costume 🦌 ~warm coloured palette (includes browns), white and black face paint, ears, decorative flowers (optional)~

superman.jpg                                                       …

DIY Superman Costume

Halloween is just around the corner. In need of a costume idea ladies? Here is a quick, super cute DIY costume for those on a budget. I wore this at the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days Event with my daugh (Cute Diy Costume)

DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas - Flowering Cactus Cant Touch This Clothespins and Acrylic Paint Handmade Costume idea via evite

20+ DIY Halloween Costumes

Cactus: Nothing can touch this prickly costume! Write “Can’t Touch This” using acrylic paint and stencils or iron-on letters on the torso area of a solid green dress. Fold several dozen tan pipe clean (Last Minutes Costume)

Get rid of Halloween dress-up stress this year with these DIY food and drink costumes

22 Creative Ways to Dress Like Food for Halloween

To recreate this upside down Ice Cream Cone Costume you will need: -White Tulle Bloom Skirt -Mini Popsicle Sticks -White Tee or Tank -White Shoes -Brown Paper -Bobby Pins -Coloured Paints -Safety Pins -Hot Glue Gun