I can't believe this is cake! Amazing!

Share & Dial of another great vital radio show invite on Mondays at East Coast Time/ Chicago Time/ 9 am Mountain Time/ 8 am West Coast Time DJ Mixer Cake!

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DJ Cake!!

if you are interested in making or ordering a speaker cake, here are some examples of speaker birthday cake that you might love

Record Deck Cake - Price band 1-2

Novelty cakes by cake decorator based in Brighton, East Sussex Creating wild, wonderful and unique Wedding Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Birthday Cakes.

or THIS! With Dilla's Donuts album..maybe some little donuts with bright colored frosting all around the record player. Again, he would DIE

Originating in the south, the tradition of a groom’s cake at a wedding reception is a fun way to pay tribute to your new hubby. While wedding cakes are typ