Doc Bar was a quarter horse foundation stallion born in He was bred to be a race horse, was an amazing halter horse, and was best known for revolutionizing the cutting horse sport. His get and grandget are still out there and a big plus to anyone's herd.

Doc Bar....sure don't make em like they used to. What a legend.

I wanted a Doc Bar horse so badly. I went back to Two Eyed Jack horses after her.

Doc Bar- One if the most conformationally correct Quarter Horses. My horse was of the Bar lineage. He didn't look exactly like this but I loved him.

My Gace's grandfather AQHA: Doc Bar. Bred to be a race horse, he ultimately changed the course of AQHA Reining horses forever.

One of my boy's great grand dads :) Doc Bar - the original quarter horse booty. This Quarter Horse shows the breeds strength in the front and hind quarters. They got their name because they are the fastest horse for of a mile.

Doc Bar was a Quarter Horse stallion that was bred to be a racehorse, became an outstanding halter horse, and in his sire career revolutionized the cutting horse industry. The Morning Feed

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Doc's BnG was ground zero for the Rats On our first weekend in Austin, there was a large "rat rod" gathering. A rat rod is a style of hot .

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Doc Bar: He was a dud on the racetrack, but that failure allowed this Quarter Horse stallion to find his place in history.

Doc this line crossed on some Blue Valentine!!

Doc Bar ~ my brother, Aaron, had a Doc Bar horse ~ Doc Bar Bobby

Sharp Looking Gray Gelding

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