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The scary side of Nardole. He can switch from super scary to nice, normal Nardole in an instant.

Doctor Who Season 9 The Magicians Apprentice| @LeftShark Pintrest

Peter Capaldi playing the "Doctor Who" theme on a electric guitar while standing on a tank in the middle of a medieval jousting arena cool

30 Doctor Who Funny Quotes

30 Doctor Who Funny Quotes

Yeah, heart of stone and it brought a River down my cheeks. Funny how real life doesn't do that, but a series like Doctor Who can. Never have worked that out. If I had counted every tear I cried for ten, I would be able to water a Rose or two. Who doesn't cry when ten is sad??

David Tennant says an emotional farewell to Doctor Who as Matt Smith steps into the Tardis

DAY 11 – Scene/Moment That Makes You Cry “The End of Time” – I don’t want to go! I cried several times during David Tennant’s final episode of Doctor Who, but it…

that moment when doctor who references doctor who...

that moment when Doctor Who references Doctor Who.the Doctor references the Doctor.

Tardis - Doctor Who quote. I like how he starts out all smart and then it devoles into nonsense.

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Doctor Who Series 8 Radio Times Posters

Exclusive Doctor Who Death in Heaven poster revealed

I never expected to find a style inspiration in Dr Who! Jenna Coleman's polished mid length locks and fringe are perfection!

Doctor Who: why Clara Oswald should stay

Reports suggest that far from leaving, Jenna Coleman is signing on for more episodes of Doctor Who. Great – Clara is a wonderful companion who has finally found the right Doctor, says Dan Martin

Doctor Who Series 10 The Pilot

He knows his ladies well - Doctor Who Series 10 The Pilot

David Tennant on how He Met his wife on Doctor Who episode "The Daughter of the Doctor"

lol his smug lil face in the last pic xD >> David Tennant on how he met his wife on Doctor Who episode "The Daughter of the Doctor"

Be The Light When All Other Lights Go Out : Photo

seraphatum: “ New Art for the upcoming Episode “The Lie of the Land”! Series 10 is getting better and better with every episode :) ”

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so if you do a Gallifreyian then you think you destroyed the entire human race but really saved them all from the Daleks.

Someone watches Doctor Who, but they don't SEE Doctor Who

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