Doll Makers Muse: Iris Map - I may never use this, but it is fascinating...

Doll Makers Muse: Iris Map for dolls eye

rag doll eyes - Google Search

How to embroider eyes. (I need to know this in case I ever actually make that damned Indian doll pattern I bought about five years ago.

Painting eyes on fabric

Love the hair on this doll...even the simplified face is good!

Princess Leia doll with simplified face

Мастер-класс как можно сделать глазки для куклы своими руками / Изготовление авторских кукол своими руками, ООАК / Бэйбики. Куклы фото. Одежда для кукол


making eyes from fimo

(99) Одноклассники

(99) Одноклассники

There are a lot of other (and better) free tutorials online on how to make your own doll eyes, but this is just how I do mine. [[MORE]] STEP 1: Get some polymer clay. I use this “Proto” brand (made in...

That Venitu — Making doll eyes

Making realistic eyes for cloth dolls...great tutorial

Looking Good - Making Fabulous Eyes for Cloth Dolls Tutorial by Rivkah Mizrahi of Doll Makers Muse

Embroidery Eyes for a doll...  dd21.jpg (568×800)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Order a CUSTOM 16" / 40.6 cm Soft Sculpted Jointed Baby Doll plus cloth diaper & a hat

Different coloured dolls eyes ideas

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