Die besten Rezepte für leckere Party Milchshakes aka Freakshakes. Ob mit Donuts, Zuckerwatte oder Popcorn: Die Freakshakes sind der Hit auf jeder Party!

DIY Party Rezept: Milchshakes aka Freakshakes Selbermachen

Can I speak German? Not gonna stop me from pinning this

PSYCHO DONUTS, San Jose CA Strawberry margarita donut with tequila pastry cream

Psycho Donuts - 2006 S. Winchester Blvd, Campbell, CA Mon-Thur Fri Sat Sun A kooky doughnut shop that usually offers 1 or 2 vegan doughnuts - call ahead to check the day's flavors.

Freakshakes mit Einhorn-Deko selber machen: Einfaches Milchshake Rezept für deine nächste Party!

Freakshakes mit Einhorn-Deko selber machen: Einfaches DIY Rezept

Nom Eez and Donut Crazy – Roadfood

As far as culinary mash-ups go, what could be better than wonderful Vietnamese dishes and over-the-top donuts in one Connecticut restaurant?

$100 Donut in Brooklyn, New York - The Most Expensive Donut Ever

This Is What a $100 Doughnut Looks Like

Work Advice From Samantha Irby: Eat the Whole Damn Doughnut

Vancouvers Best Doughnut Shops

From innovative newcomers to classic dough friers, here are Vancouver’s five best doughnut shops

Green Eggs {and ham} Donuts - Crazy for Crust

Green Eggs Donuts - perfect to celebrate Dr.Seuss' birthday (March Serve with a side of bacon and you'll have Green Eggs & Ham!

Donut Crazy // Branford, CT

Donut Crazy // Branford, CT

Mini Donuts at Vegan Divas. Healthy, but they taste like they're bad for you. The best of both worlds. #pastry #donut #sweets

Sugar Rush: Mini Doughnuts at Vegan Divas