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Park Ji Min (1995)

방탄소년단 Mini Album '쩔어' Concept Photo// he looks so so cute ~ is it the red hair that makes him look so different?o so cute though!

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QR Codes - Animal Crossing Wiki Guide - IGN Even the character looks like Medli!

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Why do people draw Medusa or the Gordon's as pretty green people with snakes for hair! That doesn't make them ugly cause the snakes are in a pretty hairstyle! Stop making gorgon so look nice!

Technicolor GIFs That Swirl And Pulse | The Creators Project

Technicolor GIFs That Swirl And Pulse

Metallic dragons Metallic dragons are inherently good. They can often be found helping others. | O yes, this one is helping me right now! |


Omen -- original signed & numbered, limited-edition print on acid-free paper by Fantasy Art Ruth Thompson.

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House Music Nutrition Facts Tile Coaster

House Music Nutrition Facts I think I might just cook up a batch right now :)

"Flying Dutchmen" exhibit - plan for Oct 2013. Feature stories of ghost planes, ghost pilots, Flight 401, etc.

Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost ship that can never make port, doomed to sail the oceans forever. The myth is likely to have originated from nautical folklore. The oldest extant version dates to the late century.

【トイズドライブ】★4「神奈森もなか」ステータス・評価まとめ - キャラ名鑑|トイズドライブ公式攻略Wiki - GAMY(ゲーミー)

【トイズドライブ】★4「神奈森もなか」ステータス・評価まとめ - キャラ名鑑|トイズドライブ公式攻略Wiki - GAMY(ゲーミー)