Dora Carrington

Manner of Dora Carrington Birds above a cornucopia of flowers, foil and reverse paint

The Mill at Tidmarsh: painting of the house by Dora Carrington

The Mill at Tidmarsh: bohemian days leave a rich legacy

Tidmarsh Mill, Oil by Dora De Houghton Carrington (Fine Art oil painting Dora De Houghton Carrington)

Dora Carrington, ‘Spanish Landscape with Mountains’ c.1924

antiquesnewsandfairs: The Bloomsbury post reminded me of a favourite painting by Dora Carrington - courtesy of Tate Britain Dora Carrington - Spanish Landscape 1924

Lyntton Strachey and Dora Carrington

Lytton Strachey and Iris Tree (b/w photo - English Photographer as art print or hand painted oil.

Dora Carrington (1917)

Read the essential details about Dora Carrington that includes images, quotations and the main facts of her life. A biography of Dora Carrington.

The false window (trompe-l’oeil),  painted by Dora Carrington on the west front of the Biddesden House, Wiltshire ...

The Dora Carrington Window - False window painted by Carrington at Biddesden House of a servant and a cat.

Dora Carrington - Watendlath Farm, Cumberland

"Watendlath Farm, Cumberland" by Dora de Houghton Carrington, aka 'Carrington' British Painter & Decorative Artist associated with the Bloomsbury Group .

'Staffordshire Dogs' by Dora Carrington, 1928 (oil on canvas)

Dora Carrington (England Staffordshire Dogs, oil/canvas, Sold at auction.

Dora de Houghton Carrington (29 March 1893 – 11 March 1932), known generally as Carrington, was a British painter and decorative artist, remembered in part for her association with members of the Bloomsbury Group.

The author Gerald Brenan, had a brief affair with Dora and was on the fringe of the Bloomsbury group for a while .

U.K. Bloomsbury Group. Dora Carrington, Ralph Partridge, Lytton Strachey, Oliver Strachey, Frances Partridge, 1923.  Let's see...Dora was married to Ralph but loved Lytton who loved Ralph who loved Frances.

Some members of The Bloomsbury Group: Dora Carrington, Ralph Partridge, Lytton Strachey, Oliver Strachey, Frances Partridge