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The Silver Lining  The truth is, these times of recession have proven to  be fertile breeding grounds for innovation, initiative  and old-fashioned American entrepreneurialism. In  fact, more than half of the corporations that make  up the Dow Jones Industrial Average got their  starts during a recession. And it’s no different today.  You have to take control of your financial future by  taking control of your income source—start your own business

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With the Dow Jones industrial average down almost 1,000 points in just three weeks, I have no doubt that President Barack Obama’s personal police force, his Joint Special Operations Command, is on ...

Tyrants like Caesar, Stalin and Hitler have employed personal armies for years. Obama's secret army is the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

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Trader pleads guilty to sparking stock market 'Flash Crash'

If you were trading on an American stock market on May you probably had a minor heart attack: the "Flash Crash" that day sent the Dow Jones Industria.

Shocking Chart: The Global Economy Is About To Implode: ‘Inching closer to… the lowest level ever’ The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) is used by economists and stock traders alike as a leading economic indicator because it predicts future economic activity

Get some food on hand folks its going to be a bumpy ride. Massive Stock Market Correction Coming: “Period Of Extreme Turmoil” FREEDOM OUTPOST Government bailouts not likely. Banks will take money from those who have accounts with them. Watch out.