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The festive Christmas episode of Downton Abbey Season 5 was full of surprises, thrills, and a whole range of emotions.

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Walmart gift cards, I have received four in the last two months. Great for the things you forget to buy on shopping day.

Downton Abbey Season Finale Recap: Having a Ball

'Downton Abbey' Season Finale Recap: Having a Ball

Downton AbbeySeason Finale Recap: Having a Ball

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Downton Abbey Season 3 Recap Before Season 4

Everything you need to remember before Downton Abbey returns to PBS on Sunday

Downton Abbey Recap: The Secret's Out--Season 4, episode 4

‘Downton Abbey’ Recap: The Secret’s Out

Downton Abbey Recap: The Secret's Out--Season 4, episode 4

You don't know true agony unless you've gone from watching 3 episodes over 3/4 weeks to 3 episodes every 2 years.

When You’ve Finally Caught Up

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Lol Miss O'Brien

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Catch Up: Lady Mary Through the Seasons | Downton Abbey | Programs | Masterpiece | PBS

Lily James as Lady Rose MacClare and Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey (Series 4 Christmas Special,


Catch up on Downton Abbey's icy and eligible lady, Mary Crawley with slideshows, video, quizzes and more. Downton Abbey Season 5 Premieres Sunday, January 2015 at ET on MASTERPIECE on PBS!