Dragon tattoo on back

Latest 50 Meaningful Dragon Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Dragon tattoo designs for men and women may or may not be different. These dragon tattoo designs found their history from ancient Chinese culture.

Classic black and white dragon tattoo on back INK~ tattoos

I think just one word sums up this tattoo…and that word is “Incredible!” As a wonderful representation of a medieval fire breathing dragon, this tattoo fills up this clients entire back. This fierce looking dragon is sporting some claw-ended

Commissioned drawing for back. Please do not use image, thanks for looking. Copyright knotty-inks2011

Full back piece design for my Ju Jitsu sensei, original pencils cover a full sheet. This will probably take at least 60 hours of tattooing, starting in December. By far my most ambitious tattoo .

3D Tattoo Dragons | Dragon tattoo inspired in David Bolt® design

30 Awesome Dragon Tattoo Designs