fire breathing dragon

So I& decided to create a huge tutorial that will guide you on drawing dragons breathing fire, specifically on the positions of the heads, mouth, teeth, etc. The entire thing was drawn live (look.

I hope you aren’t hearing “I’m bored!” too often this summer. My girls have been thoroughly enjoying their downtime! They are both spending lots of time drawing in their sketchbooks, so I hunted down a few online how-to-draw resources for... Continue Reading →

5 How-to-Draw Websites for Kids

Looking for a few fun offline ideas for kids to do this summer? I hunted down a few online how-to-draw resources for them to check out.

The Drawing Website

So you can’t draw a stick figure or a straight line? When you draw, does it look like a mentally deranged monkey made your pencil vomit on the page?

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Extremely Helpful Apps You Should Have When Travelling free-traveling-icon-set

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Landing page for an adventure travel website features a blend of bold typography and inspirations to inspire travelers