Not quite, Dreadlocks are a purely a thing from the African continent and diaspora, since tight coils are the only think that will hold the locks. What you're thinking of are plaits, which are more suitable for straight hair.

awesome I love to see my peep with Locs. or Natural hair styles.just so BEAUTIFUL.

Let's take a look at some black men dreadlocks hairstyles pictures. If you are a guy looking to start some dreads this post is it and women will love you..

58 Black Men Dreadlocks Hairstyles Pictures

this guy looks just like my dad when he was younger (minus the dreads) creepy.

Undercut locs hairstyle for men

6 "Must Have" Natural Hair Products 2016 [Video]

Husband needs to do this with his dreads!! ❤️

easily one of the most incredible men on Pinny. Just natural & beautiful.

Urban Renaissance

Whether it be a classic fro, a twist out, a TWA, or a lovely head of locs--we are loving every one of these 25 natural hair styles for men.