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If I keep collecting great ideas like this one for my dream kitchen, I'll need to get rid of the living room to built it. Más
BECKI OWENS-Best of Pinterest. Todays top pins lean toward timeless design in soft neutrals. Check out these clean, sun-drenched spaces with fresh sophisticated updates.
Hidden pet food bowls slide out at meal time and can stay tucked away when guests arrive. And is that a paw print cut out? Or just a stencil? Either way, so cute.
I especially love the built-in breakfast nook. So gorgeous! Cosy Breakfast Nooks | House & Home
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love how there is two colors for the cabinetry
It's always messy (and annoying) having to transfer produce peels and seeds from your cutting board to the trash, but this crafty board with a hole in the middle of it makes it as simple as a swipe of your knife. See more at The Farm Chicks »   -
22 Genius Ways To Hide Mess And Eyesores At Home
100s of Kitchen Design Ideas … Thanks to
Check out this gorgeous kitchen remodel and get some serious inspiration for your own kitchen! A bright white kitchen with marble countertops, open shelving and a big farmhouse sink is the heart of this home. Get ideas for your kitchen backsplash, cabinets, floors and kitchen island.
Yes! My outdoor dream kitchen. Bar and pizza!                                                                                                                                                      More
//Pantry zen! @theexchange takes you on a tour of 6 impeccably organized kitchen pantries that will change the way you think about food storage. #home #organization
We will definitely be updating the cabinets/ counters. I like the clean look of this. #Contest #LGLimitlessDesign
Our kitchen design process has been like a presidential campaign: full of passionate idealism that evaporated in the face of reality. Paul has been cast as John McCain… a man who was doing just fine until he saddled himself with a woman who could see Russia from her house. And for the record, I CAN(...)
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