We're all snorting pretty little lines of each other's Snow White lies |  Erin Van Vuren

We're all snorting pretty little lines of each other's Snow White lies

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We're all just a bunch of addicts, struggling with our drug of choice.

Couldn't be more correct. But we also do things we said we would never which causes others to do things they said they would never

I promised myself when I was 3 I'd never smoke a cig but here I am. proud of me mom?

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Find what you love and let it kill you - Bukowski #quote

For all things will kill you, both slowly and fastly, but it's much better to be killed by a lover

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I like to think my friends are always honest to me but then again there will always be those bad experiences that proved me wrong

I love you, don't ever think that I don't mean that. XXXX

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Atleast i can meet my allah and tell what all off u already did to me.ups perhaps allah already knew it? And hope send all the angels to take me away😇

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Ireland has mistakenly legalised ecstasy and ketamine for one day