Have compassion for those who are suffering - because addicts truly are living in hell and just need a compassionate helping hand to make it out. Yes, they hurt other people - but it's because they are hurting so badly themselves.

I've lost people I loved to addictions. One thing I know is that I never hated them, I hated their behaviour, i hated their pain and wounds that drove that behaviour. but I never hated them. I loved them deeply.

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Dont stopping using. New life easier create life, factors to addiction again.


recovery-experts: “ Recovery is not a race, you don’t have to feel guilty if it takes you longer that you thought it would. ———————— Addiction Goals: Hard Truths about Your “Old” Friends -.

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Addiction Recovery Quotes Addiction recovery is one of the hardest challenges a person may face in their life, if not the hardest.