Ben Frost Mixes Art with Drugs - and the packages are brilliant. |

Collect medicine packets, leaflets and bottles. Paint relevant imagery onto it.

this links in to disorder as the persons eyesight is portraying confusion due to the drugs they've taken hence their lack of focus.

This is LSD(Acid). This drug is synthetically made in chemical laboratories .

kelly reemtsen

Reemtsen’s paintings explore the paradoxical state of being female in a post-feminist contemporary society. Closes November 12 at Skidmore Contemporary.

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Street Artist Beejoir’s new sculpture, “A Pill A Day” (Singapore/UK) (photo © Geoff Hargadon)

Drugs: silencing women in a nasty and serious way for over a century. woedrugs,face,pills,sad,photography,art-

When does addiction start and reliance end? Prescription painkillers are some of the most addictive drugs, and yet we are forced to keep taking them because there is no cure: Endometriosis

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